South Beach Smoke Starter Kits

When you browse websites looking for user-friendly, simple electronic cigarettes, think about buying a starter kit. Within each brand, the bundle format is great value, reducing the cost of essential pieces in comparison to what you would have paid. That doesn’t mean every bundle is great value per se, but they are worth keeping in mind.

South Beach Smoke mini cig starter kits are available in 5 formats and fairly reasonable prices. There are 4 vaporizers, also sold in sets, plus a build-your-own-kit option. South Beach Smoke doesn’t advertise the cheapest prices in this industry, especially not where cartomizer replacements are concerned, but with coupons and loyalty points, that reduces costs quite a bit, making it a much better deal.

Reusable Express KitEasy Does It

The first choice to make if you want to experiment with e cigs is whether to use disposable electronic cigarettes or jump straight into the rechargeable possibilities. If you are planning to go with rechargeables, look beyond your local garage to brands sold online, including South Beach Smoke.

Their five kits include a single-battery, 2-carto package with a USB charger: good value when you think that a disposable is priced between $6 and $10 but here you get the equivalent of 2 disposables and the means to keep vaping with the same, rechargeable battery. A Reusable Express Kit is priced $22.

Next up is a Deluxe Starter Kit, actually featured first on the page for bundles. Priced $59.99, this is the kit you buy after choosing to try vaping seriously.

You need a second battery and multiple cartomizers to truly engage with this method of smokeless smoking, and South Beach Smoke provides your tools. Receive 2 batteries, a wall charger, USB charger, and 10 refills. According to the company, with this kit, the equivalent of a package of cigarettes costs $1.41.

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Plus sets cost $89.99 each. They come with the same batteries (one high-drain, one regular), 10 cartridges, both chargers, but this time a power cig is thrown in too. The Power Cig is a USB-vaping device you just plug into a laptop or other USB source. South Beach Smoke also provides a case so you can organize all of these items and keep them clean. If you want products to perform, they must not clog up with dust and grime.

A Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit truly is “the ultimate” for $159.99. Customers receive all of the above items as well as a portable charging case, second high-capacity battery, a lanyard, and a carry case. They also insert a car charging adapter and twice as many cartomizers into the box. The Couples Kit for $109.99 brings up the rear. Essentially, South Beach Smoke doubles their Deluxe kit but with the addition of 2 car charging adapters while reducing the price from exactly double ($119.98) by $10. That is a great deal even if you don’t have someone to share the pleasure with. Double up for the future, when new cells and chargers will be needed.

Vaporizer Kits

Storm, Curve, and Air starter kits are all very easy to use even if you have never operated a cigalike. The biggest hurdle is getting used to holding this large tube when your fingers are accustomed to handling a small, bland-looking cigarette. Pay $49.99 for the Storm or Curve set, $29.99 for an Air, or upgrade and advance with the Thunder for $99.99. Only those with some e cig experience should buy the Thunder starter kit.

South Beach vaporizer kits

South Beach Smoke packages their perfect storm with a 650-mAh battery in your choice of color and tank, chargers, and an additional atomizer. Customers add juice. Bigger batteries are available with a variable-volt spinner. A screen is optional with the 650-mAh version. Clients pay extra for upgrades.

Curve Kits contain a single battery and clearomizer plus chargers, but no optional upgrades or extra atomizers. The slender, small, clean Air vaporizer fits into the palm of your hand even with a clearomizer attached. A set of chargers is included in the price.

Select the Thunder when you are ready to do more than count the hours your battery lasts and nod in approval. Voltage on its 1300-mAh silver or black cell can be adjusted minimally while there is an airflow control valve in the tank. Changing airflow alters the stiffness or looseness of your inhalation. Your set will come boxed with a battery, tank, 5 extra dual coil atomizers, chargers, and instructions. The Thunder isn’t colorful like Curve and Storm batteries, but it certainly works hard.

No Juice

South Beach Smoke doesn’t offer e liquid in these sets. You must add that separately, but their menu is likely to suit your tastes and budget. Each 30-ml bottle costs just $15.99 whether you order a pre-made flavor or build one.

Existing styles include Peppermint Bark, Butter Pecan Ice Cream, and Irish Coffee. Select nicotine (up to 24 mg) but propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are already set in a 70/30 balance.

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