South Beach Smoke E Juice

They have been known for years as a top e cig vendor, but did you know that South Beach Smoke offers a line of e juice too? Their affordable brand comes in 30-ml plastic bottles for $15.99 each. Try some today.

southbeachsmokeKudos to South Beach Smoke

Not known for shrinking from a challenge, South Beach Smoke has satisfied the FDA’s requirements at every possible level, perhaps going further than any other e cig or e juice company so far. Their American lab is FDA-approved. Ingredients are kosher and USP-grade. Flavorings are better-than-food-grade. Vapeologists utilize Malaysian palm glycerin to allay fears regarding nut allergies.

Components of South Beach Smoke E Juice

Every bottle of e liquid is freshly made, but certain aspects of each bottle come as standard. One is their stringent safety requirements for mixing and bottling. Another is that the mixture is set at 70/30: propylene glycol-dominant. Thirdly, they only sell in one size: 30 ml, always plastic.

E Juice Flavors

South Beach Smoke E Juice already comes in loads of flavors. One of their newest concoctions combines a fruity Appletini with gummy bears and sweet cotton candy. Cuban Cigar should make your traditional cigar smoker happy he switched to e cigs.

Experience the unusual combo of pear, lemon, and creamy vanilla with Rocco’s Pearadise. Savor a familiar favorite: strawberries with chocolate known as a decadent dip. Browse their catalogue, organized around themes like fruit, top blends, desserts, tobacco, and menthol flavors.

Their pre-filled cartridges are also filled with great e liquid, but instead of dozens of choices customers can choose from just 16 styles. E juice from South Beach Smoke is wonderful when you switch to using vaporizers like the Curve, Air, Storm, or Thunder: any e juice pen using any refillable system. Their blend is suitable for beginners’ systems (blank cartomizers like the ones at V2 Cigs and Halo Cigs), clearomizers, and tanks (Kanger Evod, Aspire Nautilus, etc.).

South Beach Smoke custom blendsCustom Flavors

In spite of these existing styles, customers get to have a little bit of fun with e juice. Add your own creations to their dozens of pre-made bottles containing as much as 24 mg of nicotine. Do two items from the list inspire you to propose a new pairing? Could you make something delectable out of three flavors?

South Beach Smoke invites you to order your bottle, made your way, but for no extra charge. Just be cautious about creativity: South Beach Smoke E Juice cannot be returned if your imagination produced something ugly on your tongue.

E Juice Savings

Arrange for certain flavors to land on your doorstep at regular intervals, a program known as “Home Delivery.” You could sign up and wait for your favorite bottle (maybe Sahara Tobacco or Menthol) instead of placing a fresh order every few weeks.

Set intervals to your own convenience based on a number of days or even months. This program is also available for pre-filled cartridges. With no contract to sign, you can cancel the program any time you like. There is plenty of flexibility to alter your choice of products too.

Setting up the Home Delivery program doesn’t cost anything, yet members save money by joining. They get 20% off of the price of cartridges and 10% off of all orders when they arrange for regular delivery of juice. When special promotions are launched, members of the Home Delivery program are the first to know.

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