South Beach Smoke Custom Vaporizer Builder

Vapers with a hankering for something visually unusual now know where to look for an attractive vaping system. South Beach Smoke has just what they need. It’s their Custom Vaporizer Builder available online now. Take a look at the many different forms an e cig can take wit the help of interactive vape building technology.

South Beach Smoke Custom Vaporizer Builder Products

You can buy a kit, ready-made, containing all the parts essential to the use of a Storm, Curve, Air, or Thunder, but what if these do not satisfy you? You would have to buy two kits and mix and match their parts. That’s an expensive process, not to mention dull. The internet is supposed to make shopping easier, especially when it comes to customizing your order. That is where the South Beach Smoke Custom Vaporizer Builder comes in.

Select a top, a bottom, and extra parts. Opt for a color of your choice for both ends, add some e liquid, and you are ready to vape once the packet is opened. Is it really that easy? Here is how the system works.

All South Beach Smoke vaporizer batteries and tanks are interchangeable. You can put a Curve tank on a Storm battery; a Thunder battery with a Storm tank, and so on. While there are just two color options for the Thunder e cig, the others are available in several colors and even camouflage. You are buying the opportunity to make an artistic statement without ordering one whole e cig: that’s simply too conventional for your liking.

Benefits of the Custom Vaporizer Builder

The obvious advantage here is that you make exactly the kit you want. Choose colors, power, tank capacity, and more. As the kit is coming together, you see it take form on the right hand side of your screen. Shape, color, and size are all depicted realistically.

The downside is that while starter kits are cheaper than ordering individual items, a Custom Vaporizer Builder is not budget bundle. Meanwhile, regular starter kit prices were recently slashed. A USB charger is thrown in with the custom set but that’s about it. Customers pay full price for batteries, clearomizers, and there isn’t any e-liquid bonus either.

Add a Bottle of E Liquid

E juice at South Beach Smoke is inexpensive, however, so you will not begrudge paying for it. At $15.99 for 30 ml, this is some of America’s most affordable and carefully crafted e liquid. The lab is FDA-approved and recipes are registered with the FDA as well. Like the vaporizers mentioned above, e juice is customizable.

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