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Here are the current South Beach Smoke coupon codes, deals and promotions for the summer of 2016 to help you save on your purchase.

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Save Money With South Beach Smoke

This e-cig brand has been helping consumers save money for years. They do it with their starter kits, volume discounts, and more. Learn how to save money as a new or a returning customer to this popular brand.

Electronic CigaretteStart with Cigalikes

Begin your vaping experience with cigarette-like devices known as “cigalikes” or “mini cigs.” They look much like cigarettes and are a similar size and weight.

They don’t cost as much, though, because a single rechargeable battery can last the equivalent of 300 charging cycles worth numerous packs of cigarettes.

Cigalike Starter Kits

Bundles containing batteries, cartomizers, and a set of charging equipment provide better value than gathering them all up individually. SBS offers 5 kits for new vapers including one for around $50 with two batteries and ten cartomizers, when you use the right coupons. This is a very good deal for batteries ranked some of the best in the mini cig arena.

Right now, SBS is also selling kits for 25% off the usual price with the right promo code. Take this opportunity to increase your savings by utilizing the discount code. They are also offering $10 off and free shipping, a good deal considering free shipping typically starts with orders of $100 or more.

SOBE Rewards

Regular clients see their reward accounts grow constantly. Every time they make a purchase, they get more points. Points are added when customers follow them on Twitter, “like” them on Facebook, share a post on Facebook, refer someone, and even on their birthdays. Write a review for even more points.

SOBE points program

You are earning 1 point for every $1 you spend. When you have enough points, use them to cut the price of a purchase or even to get some things for free. This brand sells e juice, vaporizers, and more.

Home Delivery

Sign up to have cartomizers shipped automatically to your door. Receive reward points and a discount against refills.

The Many Sides Of South Beach Smoke

If you know them as a cigalike company, you are right: they are that and so much more. For those familiar with their vaporizers, that is another legitimate side, but not the full picture either.

Did you know they carry e liquid as well? The best thing to do is to revisit their website and take another look. Get the full picture, from easy vaping to intermediate devices, and find out what you might have been missing. It is not too late to catch up with SBS and their extensive line of e cig products.

Multi-Level Vaping

There are several starter kits: mini cig and vaporizer kits. They also provide the option to build your own custom kit. With mini cig starter kits, you choose e juice flavors provided in filled cartomizers. When buying vaporizer kits, you could add e juice from their inexpensive selection which is also customizable. Vapers have to admit: when it comes to customer satisfaction, this company knows that consumers want to have the option of taking control, even if they decide to go with pre-made bundles and pre-mixed flavors.

Reusable Express KitStarter Kits for New Vapers

These are easy devices to use and start out as automatic e cigs. Later, as you explore larger kits with more accessories, there is the choice to upgrade to manual batteries (press a button to create vapor).

Starter kits cost from $21.99 to $159.99 with the option of a Couple’s Kit in the mix for $109.99 with coupon codes. A basic bundle for $59.99 contains one regular and one high-drain battery, 10 cartomizers, and a charging kit.

Starter Kits for Confident Vapers

Switch to the next level by ordering an Air vaporizer with 350 mAh of power and a 1-ml cartomizer. Measuring 4 inches, this is not much bigger than a mini cig but it resembles a silver bolt. If you like the look of steel, the Air is just your style. Pay $29.99 for the full e cig and chargers.

A Curve kit for $49.99 comes with chargers, a 650-mAh battery, and a 2.2-ml, 2.2-ohm clearomizer. Select green, blue, black, silver, orange, purple, or red for both top and bottom or mix them up. A Storm set is the same price but comes in a few other colors. The Curve is curvy: a Storm is straight.

Select a high-capacity battery instead of the 650-mAh and pay $3 more. Choose an LCD screen for another $5 (only with the standard battery) or a variable voltage option for another $2 (with the high-drain, 1000-mAh battery). LCD and VV batteries are only available in three colors: black, stainless steel, and pink.

Finally, the Thunder is their most advanced device costing $99.99 for the kit. Choose silver or black and you receive a variable voltage device with a dual coil tank, 5 extra coils, 1.75 ml, and 1300 mAh.

South Beach Smoke Custom BuilderHow to Customize

What if those colors and styles are not quite what you want? Maybe you envision a battery that is straight but has a rounded top portion? Perhaps pink on the top and silver at the bottom with variable voltage is more your thing.

All you have to do is build a kit from scratch. Use the special feature on their website where you scroll through the battery options, tanks, colors, sizes, and extra features to create your own kit.

Luxurious E Liquid

Now add e liquid: $15.99 for a 30-ml bottle. The exception is their flavor of the month, which was Rocco’s Pearadise when I visited. Go to the checkout and order the listed juice to receive a 25% discount.

Another way to get the discount is to arrange for home delivery. Without signing a contract, you will secure 10% off each delivery of e liquid (20% off the cost of refill cartomizers). Since carto refills are a bit costly, you are better off either buying blank tanks for their mini cigs or switching over to their user-friendly vaporizers and ordering e juice.

You might try Raspberry Ice, Watermelon Mojito, Peppermint Bark; Sweet Tobacco, Chocolate Cherry Tobacco, or Blu-Ki-Co Ninja already made in the strength you prefer (up to 24 mg of nicotine). Alternatively, you can build a flavor from the ground up and it doesn’t cost extra.


The company’s website is also a learning center. Find out more about specific products like their e liquid and vaporizers. Look up definitions for unfamiliar terms and get a little electronics lesson in while shopping. They are also on social media networks such as Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest where customers can learn what’s new in the business, in the e cig industry, and learn about sales or promotions before they are featured on the website and the general public gets wind of them.


Affiliate marketing has been a big success for lots of stay-at-home moms and people trying to earn a little bit of extra cash in a tight economy. Among spice and cosmetic companies, e cig firms have also grown larger with the help of affiliate marketers. They handle grass-roots promotions, selling an idea to friends and community.

Some affiliates also possess a strong online following they can tap into as a way to spread the word about a business and make money too. If you feel strongly that South Beach Smoke makes a quality product, install banners and links into an existing internet site and earn some cash without doing much work and offering coupons and deals.

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